Female Driving Instructor in Birmingham

Choose Pass At Once for your next female driving lesson in Birmingham.

Female Driving Instructor in Birmingham

Starting your driving lessons for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Given that there is so much information to take in, and the relatively high-risk nature of driving as a beginner, it is absolutely essential that a new learner feels completely comfortable in their environment whilst driving with female driving instructor in Birmingham, through whatever means possible. Something small which affects your comfort when driving would be the seat position and angle, for example.

A far more important aspect to ensure comfort for a new driver, is to ensure that the learner feels comfortable with their instructor. Having another person sitting next to you while you are driving for the first time can be very difficult to deal with, especially if you feel uncomfortable around this person for whatever reason.

It is because of this that here at Pass At Once Ltd, we give you the option to choose whether you want to drive with a male or female instructor, regardless whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons birmingham ladies, to increase the chance of you feeling comfortable in your lessons. Regardless of whether it is for religious reasons, requiring a sense of familiarity, or any other reason whatsoever – it could even be quite simply that you feel more confident driving with a female instructor – we can provide you with an instructor that matches your preference and will help you stay focused on your driving during the lesson. 

We have female manual driving instructor and female driving instructor automatic car covering most areas in Birmingham, Coventry, and Walsall. Our female driving instructor Birmingham are just as experienced, knowledgeable, and professional as our male instructors, and you will not be missing out on anything by taking lessons with a female instructor. 

female driving instructors birmingham

What is even more vital is the fact that Pass At Once Ltd can provide female instructors for both manual and automatic driving lessons in Birmingham. Learning to drive in a manual car does provide the obvious benefit of being able to drive with both transmissions after passing, but learning to drive with manual transmission is more  time-consuming, and as a result it will be more expensive overall and harder. 

Therefore, if you feel that you wish to take automatic lessons with female driving instructors in birmingham, we have recruited multiple highly-experienced and trustworthy female automatic car instructor in most areas in Birmingham, who would be able to guide you on your journey from your first lesson to the moment that you pass. 

We also have many female driving instructors birmingham that speak languages other than English, such as Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi, if you would feel more comfortable speaking in a different language. 

Theory Test Training in Birmingham

Great Pricing For Lessons With A Female Instructor

We know that the biggest barrier for people to begin taking lessons and continue to regularly take driving lessons is often the price. With soaring costs of living and increasingly longer waiting times for lessons, the price of lessons in many areas may reach levels beyond what is affordable for many people. 

However, we are committed to make lessons accessible to as many people as possible. Our goal is to be able to help every single student that contacts us to pass by offering cheap driving lessons birmingham, which is why we price our lessons at a competitive rate to make it as affordable and cheap as possible to the maximum number of pupils. 

We offer discounts for block package driving lessons and payments made in advance, for 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours, and 40 hours. Most driving schools will charge more for automatic lessons than manual lessons since automatic cars generally use up more fuel, but at Pass At Once Ltd, we charge the same rate for both manual and automatic in many areas across Birmingham, in order to avoid discouraging people from deciding to learn automatic car driving lessons. 

Taking lessons on weekends is often more expensive in many driving schools, as many instructors either don’t work on weekends, or they are often fully booked on weekends, and since the demand is so high, the price of lessons will go up as well. However, with Pass At Once Ltd you will not suffer from this, as in many of the areas we cover the charge of lessons on weekends is exactly the same as lessons on weekdays. We have many female instructors that work on weekends, and even evenings or early mornings, if that is what you need. 

Male or Female Driving Instructor in Birmingham

There are little distinctions between taking an automatic driving lesson in Birmingham from a male or female instructor because all teachers, whether they are male or female, must pass the driving instructor training and meet the requirements to be employed at Pass At Once Ltd. 

Yet, if you’re a woman, it can be simpler for you to learn to drive in Birmingham from a female driving teacher. For whatever reason, if you feel uneasy with males you don’t know well, a female teacher will come across as friendlier and less threatening. You’ll be better able to concentrate on learning new driving techniques and applying your new knowledge on the roads so that you may breeze through your exam in no time. 

Choosing Pass At Once Ltd for female driving Instructors in Birmingham  

There are many reasons why you should take your driving lessons with a female instructor from Pass At Once Ltd. Here are a few: 

  • Pricing that is reasonable and competitive, with discounts available 
  • Female instructors with extensive experience, training, and skill 
  • Female driving instructors who speak your language are available in Birmingham and the surrounding region
  • Female instructors that are adaptable and can work with your schedule and requirements 
  • The option of learning in either an automatic or manual car 
  • Excellent success rate in driving tests 
  • There are no extra fees for lessons on weekends or in the evening. 
  • Instructors that are familiar with the most popular local test routes in your location 
  • A range of automobiles, including hybrids and various car sizes 
  • For those who need to pass their test quickly, there are female instructors offering crash course Birmingham and intensive driving courses Birmingham. 

We are committed to being one of the best driving schools in birmingham, with a focus on getting you test-standard as soon as possible.

Intensive Driving Courses Birmingham

Why PassAtOnce?

We know the importance of finding the right driving instructors birmingham, especially for new learners. We give our pupils the chance to take a few lessons in one transmission and then change to the other transmission if they change their mind on which transmission they wish to drive. If at first you wish to learn manual then decide that due to your personal circumstances changing you need to pass as soon as possible and get your driving licence, we can provide you with an automatic driving instructor Birmingham instead.

Guaranteed Success

We have very high pass rates, with many good reviews and ratings from our pupils. We offer competitive and low prices, and our instructors are fully qualified with the DVSA and eager to help you pass for both manual and automatic car lessons.

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Flexible Learning

Our instructors work all days of the week and focus on being flexible with their lesson timings, as they are well aware of the different situations and limitations that pupils may have when it comes to booking lessons. Regardless of whether you work rotating shifts every week, if you work antisocial hours, or if you have children that you must take care of and sort out childcare cover for, we can provide you with an instructor that is very understanding of your situation and will work around you to fit you in for lessons. With our intensive driving lessons Birmingham we even offer courses to be completed in a week. Our instructors are flexible in regard to tests and can cover short notice driving tests Birmingham.

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Reasonable Rates

Although there are many driving schools from which you can choose which may make it hard to decide why you should go with a particular driving school, here at Pass At Once Ltd you will benefit from having affordable and competitive driving lessons from the best instructors in Birmingham. We know just how important having a driving licence is, which is why we ensure that our prices are as low as possible, and we offer block package driving lessons as well as cheap intensive driving lessons so that as many people as possible can begin to learn to drive.

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Choice of Cars

Each Birmingham driving instructor drives their own car, so the types of cars we have to offer are extremely varied, ranging from smaller to larger car sizes. We have diesel, petrol, and hybrid cars for both manual and automatic, and we have cars with either a manual or electronic handbrake. We have many cars available for a crash course Birmingham, a Birmingham driving test, and even for Driving test cancellations Birmingham.

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