Driving Instructor Training in Birmingham

Start your career as a driving instructor with Pass At Once Ltd.

Driving Instructor Training in Birmingham

Driving Instructor Training in Birmingham

Being a driving instructor in Birmingham might be stressful at times, but you will feel immense happiness when you understand the significant impact you have on a student’s life and that you are making money in the process, to begin a job as a Driving Instructor Training in Birmingham, all you need to do is be older than 21 years old and have held a full U.K. driving licence or European/ Economic driving licence for at least 3 years. The only other skill you must possess is the ability to read a car’s licence plate from a distance of:

  • 26.5m for vehicles with a new style number plate
  • 27.5m for vehicles with an old style number plate.

You will have the independence and flexibility to work when and where you want with Pass At Once Driving School. If you think that teaching driving is the right career for you, our highly qualified driving instructor trainers in Birmingham will exert all effort to help you pass the three exams.

Driving Lessons in Birmingham
Driving School in Birmingham

Part 1. Multiple choice theory test and hazard perception test:

The first test comprises of two parts. The first element is a computer-based multiple choice Theory test. This like the theory test you took to pass your driving test, the only difference is you will have answer one hundred questions from which you will have to answer eighty five or more correctly to pass. The second element of the theory test is a hazard perception test. It feels a bit like a video game where you are shown fourteen video clips on a computer monitor. You will have press the computer every time you see a hazard. You will gain more marks if you spot the hazard early than if you spot it late. You have to gain at least fifty seven marks to pass this test. Again this is like the hazard perception test you took to pass your automatic and manual driving lesson in Birmingham

To pass part one, you have gain the pass mark in the theory and hazard perception test. Failing one part will mean retaking the theory and hazard perception test all over again. If you fail part one you may retake it as many times as you want. You will be given all the required study material to pass this examination by us. When you have revised all the study material and feel you are ready to sit the test we will give you a mock test to see if there are any parts you are weak at. If remedial training is required we will provide this along with training you on how to pass the hazard perception test.

Part 2. Driving Ability Test:

The second section evaluates your driving abilities. While the examiner is in the passenger seat evaluating your driving, you will be travelling on various sorts of roads. Similar to a regular driving test, the examiner will be evaluating your driving skills here, however you are only permitted to commit up to six small errors. You will fail the part two driving test if you receive more than six insignificant errors or even just one serious or dangerous error. In contrast to Part 1, when you have endless chances to succeed, you pass.

You will have two additional chances to retake the driving test in part two. You won’t be able to take any further tests if, in the odd case, you fail the test three times. Instead, you will need to re-start the qualification procedure at part one. In order to give you the best chance of passing the part two driving test, training for the test will comprise having a driving instructor trainer evaluate and correct your driving while also going through the test routes with you.

Part 3. Instructional Ability Test:

This is the last exam. It will evaluate your teaching skills. You will now occupy the passenger position and assume the role of the driving instructor.

The driving examiner will be driving while assuming the part of a student. Two exams lasting 30 minutes each make up this exam. The examiner will give you a briefing on the subjects he wishes to cover at the start of the test. These topics are predetermined. After that, you will instruct the examiner on the topic he has selected. This is the portion that many candidates find the most difficult. With years of experience, our diving instructor trainers are aware of what the examiners want you to show them in order to pass.

You will receive forty hours of training from a driving instructor trainer in preparation for this exam. You will complete the pre-determined test during these forty hours, and you will receive training on how to conduct a good driving lesson and how to identify and fix mistakes. You will be fully prepared to perform the lesson regardless of the test that the examiner assigns to you. You can be sponsored by us to become a trainee driving instructor once you’ve finished the forty hours of instruction. You will now be permitted to instruct actual students. This will give you an opportunity to practise teaching driving lessons before you attempt the part three exam for the first time.

Birmingham has a variety of choices if you’re looking for a friendly, patient driving teacher, but they can’t always check off all the boxes to meet your particular needs and requirements. Our goal is to make high-quality driving instruction accessible to everyone in Birmingham and the surrounding region. Whether you’re 17 or 70, our qualified staff of teachers can assist you in passing your text and achieving independence.

We are committed to being one of the best driving schools in birmingham, with a focus on getting you test-standard as soon as possible.

Intensive Driving Courses Birmingham

Why PassAtOnce?

We know the importance of finding the right driving instructors birmingham, especially for new learners. We give our pupils the chance to take a few lessons in one transmission and then change to the other transmission if they change their mind on which transmission they wish to drive. If at first you wish to learn manual then decide that due to your personal circumstances changing you need to pass as soon as possible and get your driving licence, we can provide you with manual driving instructor training in Birmingham instead.

Guaranteed Success

We have very high pass rates, with many good reviews and ratings from our pupils. We offer competitive and low prices, and our instructors are fully qualified with the DVSA and eager to help you pass for both manual and automatic car lessons.

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Flexible Learning

Our instructors work all days of the week and focus on being flexible with their lesson timings, as they are well aware of the different situations and limitations that pupils may have when it comes to booking lessons. Regardless of whether you work rotating shifts every week, if you work antisocial hours, or if you have children that you must take care of and sort out childcare cover for, we can provide you with an instructor that is very understanding of your situation and will work around you to fit you in for lessons. With our intensive driving lessons Birmingham we even offer courses to be completed in a week. Our instructors are flexible in regard to tests and can cover short notice driving tests Birmingham.

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Reasonable Rates

Although there are many driving schools from which you can choose which may make it hard to decide why you should go with a particular driving school, here at Pass At Once Ltd you will benefit from having affordable and competitive driving lessons from the best instructors in Birmingham. We know just how important having a driving licence is, which is why we ensure that our prices are as low as possible, and we offer block package driving lessons as well as cheap intensive driving lessons so that as many people as possible can begin to learn to drive.

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Choice of Cars

Each Birmingham driving instructor drives their own car, so the types of cars we have to offer are extremely varied, ranging from smaller to larger car sizes. We have diesel, petrol, and hybrid cars for both manual and automatic, and we have cars with either a manual or electronic handbrake. We have many cars available for a crash course Birmingham, a Birmingham driving test, and even for Driving test cancellations Birmingham.

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